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Stronger for being one

Welcome from the Headteacher

Welcome to our website. I hope you find it informative, entertaining and easy to navigate. If you have any comments on the website or would like to provide feedback or ask questions about any aspect of the school's work, please contact me directly via my email - rjw@maltonschool.org

Malton School is a special place. The close support we have from the local community really feeds through into the family atmosphere in school where relationships between staff and students and amongst the student body are unusually strong. We have a mutually supportive environment where students feel able to take risks in extending their learning because their counterparts are happy to celebrate their success. Students know that those around them will be pleased when they do well, whether that be in sport, music, art, drama or in any academic subject where they have a particular gift or talent that can shine. This does not happen in every school but it is the key cornerstone providing a solid foundation for each child to develop and flourish....

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