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Business Studies - A-Level

Years 12 and 13 - A-Level Business Studies

What does the course involve?

Business Studies at advanced level is the study of Management and Economics. It is a forward looking analytical subject which develops the skills of decision-making and problem-solving through a range of activities. Lessons tend to be interactive and involve extensive group and class discussion, presentations and research tasks. We use local, national and international businesses to evaluate the challenges faced by modern organisations operating in an increasingly global and competitive environment. Students are encouraged to view business problems from a range of management perspectives including those of the Accountant, Economist and Marketing, Operations and Human Resource Manager.

What qualifications do I need?

We have previously welcomed students from a variety of academic routes and it is not necessary to have studied Business at GCSE. The most successful students show an interest in business activity, are creative in their approach to solving problems and are enthusiastic contributors to group discussion. Parental or student involvement in a business/management role can often be an advantage.


Pre-issued case studies form the basis of most assessment for this course. These are realistic in their context and provide students with the opportunity to develop solutions to the challenges facing real businesses. The Year 12 modules include Businesses, their Objectives and Environment, Business Behaviour and Business Decisions.  In Year 13 students study how Europwan and World economics affect businesses in their strategic planning then complete a further marketing unit.

General Comments

A general interest in current affairs, reading a newspaper or business magazine and watching business related TV programmes will all help to develop student awareness of the business environment. Part-time employment and talking with parents and peers about work related issues will all be useful ways to help generate the ideas needed to make informed and creative decisions.

Future Prospects

Business Management is one of the most popular degree choices studied at university and is often combined with another subject such as Languages, Finance/Maths, Computer Studies, Sports, Geography, Law and Marketing. In recent years, the growth areas are in Events/Leisure Management, Estate Management and Public Relations. Employers value students with management degrees as shown by one of the highest post degree employment rates of any subject. If a degree is not for you, many previous students have entered the world of work immediately some, even setting up their own business - either way, feedback suggests that the skills and knowledge they have gained from the course prove to be extremely useful.