Governors’ Commitments

The Governing body of Malton School is committed to a vision which balances the best traditional values with a modern and relevant academic curriculum and a wide range of extracurricular experiences. In support of the Aims of Malton School the Governing Body commits to support and challenge the leadership of the school:

  • To work together with students, staff, parents, guardians and carers to create a safe, respectful and friendly environment.
  • To raise already high academic standards and to embed a culture of aspiration and success.
  • To provide equal educational opportunities to all students so that each can fulfil their own potential.
  • To provide access to a broad range of experiences and enhanced educational opportunities equally to all students.
  • To appoint and invest in well qualified, committed and enthusiastic staff:
  • To support good standards of discipline, maintaining high standards of pastoral care and support.
  • To maximise the benefits of being an 11-18 school.
  • To provide a broad, exciting and varied extracurricular programme.
  • To provide informed career guidance and support the development of skills and personal qualities needed in the work place .
  • To promote closer links with other schools, colleges and businesses to develop the profile of the school in the local community.
  • To pursue capital funding for improvements to buildings and resources within the school.
  • To comply with legislation and to be aware of fiscal restrictions.


Chair: Rachel Riddell – Local Authority

Vice-Chair: Rod Anson (Parent) – co-opted 01/12/2014-01/12/2018

Headteacher: Rob Williams

Parent Governor: Matt Graham 11/12/17 – 11/12/21

Parent Governor: Ruth Hatton – 01/12/2014- 01/12/2018

Parent Governor: Philippa Bull-Diamond 05/12/16 – 05/12/20

Parent Governor: Sue Jefferson – 07/12/2015-07/12/2019

Staff: Richard Oakes 25/05/17 – 25/05/21

Co-opted: Ian Abrahams 02/02/15 – 02/02/19

Co-opted: Rod Anson 01/12/14 – 01/12/18

Co-opted: Rebekah Dale 03/04/17 – 03/04/21

Co-opted: Phil Jackson 02/10/17 – 02/10/21

Co-opted: Ian Lovat 07/12/15 – 07/12/19

Co-opted: Vacancy

Co-opted: Vacancy

Governing Body Committees:

Chair of Student Matters Committee: Ralph Lilley

Chair of Personnel Committee: Sue Jefferson

Chair of Accountability Committee: Ian Lovat

Nicola Wise