In each year of Key Stage 3 the course involves three projects in a wide range of media in both 2 and 3-Dimensional work. All projects involve 2 main areas:

  1. Investigating and making.
  2. Knowledge and understanding of both your own work and a variety of different artistic styles and traditions.

In Year 7 Ethnic Art based on North American Indians will be explored through woven textures and ceramic. An examination project is based on ‘An Impressionist Landscape’. In the final half-term of the year you will work in groups on large scale painting and sculpture projects based on the idea of ‘self portrait’.

In Year 8 Graphic Skills will be developed to involve the layout and presentation of Imaginative Lettering based on a particular style or period of Art. Observational drawing through the use of tone and shadow is explored in the topic ‘Hollows and Humps’. A 3-Dimensional development using the work of De Chirico follows this. The summer test piece ‘Make a print’ introduces yet another technical skill.

In Year 9 you will be given the structure to develop your own investigations, selecting relevant resources and materials and analysing methods and outcomes; much of this work is through observational drawing.  You will be evaluating images and your own work by using an accurate art, craft and design vocabulary in order to show how ideas, feelings and meanings are subject to different interpretation. This personal interpretation comes through in the project ‘Fears and Phobias’.