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Governing Body

The full Governing Body meets each half term. Much of the detailed work is carried out by  committees:   Finance/Premises, Student Matters and Personnel. These Committees meet at least each term or as necessary to report to the following full meeting of the Governing Body. In addition there are special committees which meet according to need, e.g.Student Discipline.

Governor Commitments

The Governing body of Malton school is committed to a vision which maintains and builds on traditional values set within the context of a modern and relevant academic curriculum and a wide range of extra curricular experiences.   Accordingly the Governing Body commit to support the Aims of Malton School and specifically :

·         To work together with students, staff, parents, guardians and carers to create a safe, respectful and friendly environment;

·         To raise further already high academic standards and to embed a culture of aspiration and success;

·         To provide equal educational opportunities to all students so that each can fulfil their own potential;

·         To provide access to a broad range of experiences and enhanced educational opportunities equally to all students;

·         To appoint and invest in well qualified, committed and enthusiastic staff:

·         To support good standards of discipline, maintaining high standards of pastoral care and support;

·         To provide a broad, exciting and varied extra curricular programme;

·         To provide informed career guidance and support the development of skills and personal qualities needed in the work place ;

·         To promote closer links with other schools, colleges and businesses to  develop further the profile of the school in the local community;

·         To pursue capital funding for improvements to buildings and resources within the school;

·         To maintain awareness of and to uphold commitments to legislation and fiscal requirements.

Governing Body

The numbers in brackets indicate the number of seats in each category.

Appointed by North Yorkshire County Council [ 3 ]

  • Andy Coulson
  • Lucy Legard - Chair

Elected Parents

  • Rod Anson - Vice chair
  • Sarah Everitt
  • Ruth Hatton
  • Ralph Lilley

Teacher Governors [ 2 + Headteacher = 3 ]

  • Tom Green
  • Tim Richardson
  • Rob Williams (Headteacher, ex officio)

Support Staff Governors

  • Sam Beal

Community Governors

  • Andrea Dean
  • Bridget Guerin
  • Marian Hodgson
  • Rachel Smith
  • Cate Tate-Smith
  • Phyllis Wicks

Clerk - Nicola Wise

Committees of the Governing Body

The Chair and Head are ex-officio members of all Committees
Finance / Premises - Ruth Hatton - Chair, Lucy Legard, Andrea Dean, Tom Green, Bridget Guerin, Marian Hodgson, John Coates, and Rob Williams
Student Matters - Cate Tate-Smith – Chair, Lucy Legard, Sam Beal, Rod Anson, Sarah Everitt, Ralph Lilley,Tim Richardson, and Steve Fearnley
Personnel - Phyllis Wicks – Chair, Rachel Smith, Rod Anson, Rob Williams
2nd Personnel - Lucy Legard – Chair
Joint Governors - Phyllis Wicks – Chair, Lucy Legard, Rob Williams

The Endowment Governors

The School is fortunate in enjoying the benefit of a small endowment, the revenue from which is applied by the Endowment Governors for the benefit of the students, either collectively through grants for equipment or travel or individually to allow a student experiencing financial hardship to take a full part in the voluntary activities organised by the School.  Parents seeking such support for their child should contact the Head.