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Parents and Students

Parental information

Most of the information a parent needs is now located on our VLE (Virtual learning environment) please click the "VLE and Parent Portal" link on the left for more information

School to Home Communications

During 2012/13 we are trying to improve the quantity and quality of our school to home communications. Our Headteacher has committed to producing a weekly blog that will be published on our home page and sent via email to all parents using our newly implemented "Schoolcomms" system.


Schoolcomms allows us to send communications via email and text message to parents of pupils at our school. This allows us to cut down on postage and printing costs of existing correspondence as well as keep parents more informed of what is happening in school.

Schoolcomms also allows us to notify parents of unexpected absence via text message which can be replied to giving the reason for the absence. We hope that this is much more convenient than making or receiving phone calls, we ask that where possible absence is notified by calling our absence line prior to school opening.

Parent Survey

We value the feedback provided by students and parents. Parent View is an Ofsted website that gives you the chance to tell us what you think about Malton School.

Parent View asks for your opinion on 12 aspects of your child’s school, from the quality of teaching, to how we deal with bullying and behaviour. By sharing your views, you will be helping us to improve.

This survey is in addition to the survey’s that we conduct of parents opinions, where we are able to ask more specific and focused questions.

Where you have any concerns about the School or the experience of your son or daughter, we would appreciate if you contacted us at the earliest opportunity so that we can seek to resolve the issue.

Positive feedback is equally important as this confirms that what we are doing is right and helps us in our aim of continually improving education at Malton School. To complete the survey click on the parent view icon: