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Archives, former students contacts and Malton School history

The Maltonians section of this website provides a contact point for all former students and staff. 

The site is used to store and display memories of the school from its 465 year history, and keep people informed of recent visits, contacts and reunion events.

These memories take the form of text, documents, and photographs, and in later years sound and video.

The Maltonians section is maintained by deputy head Steve Fearnley. He is always interested in communication from former students and staff.  We still receive photographs and copies of documents from the school’s past that we have not seen before – which are added to our extensive collection and shared with others through this site.

Given the size of the collection, it may take some time to transfer everything to this new site. In the meantime you can view the original site, which has now been archived, at

(This gives you the old school website.
Click the Maltonians link for the Maltonians archive)

Steve Fearnley e-mail link: stf@maltonschool.org

Malton Grammar School 1927, from a watercolour in our archive.