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Our 2013 Ofsted Report

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Malton School was inspected in February 2012. Significant changes had taken place since the previous inspection in 2007. Following the 2007 inspection subsequent inspection visits were deferred due to the good progress Ofsted deemed the school to be making. Ofsted interim assessment letter

In 2012 the inspection team highlighted the many strengths of Malton School, its teachers, students and governing body who work in partnership to ensure the best outcomes for the children who attend the school.Our 2012 Ofsted Report

The report highlights the support and care students receive from all members of staff:


  • “Students are monitored and supported very well “
  • “Sixth formers say that they are very well supported and their teachers give very freely of their time to help them”

Staff work hard to ensure that the school provides a safe and positive environment to learn in, one where students actively want to come to school and participate in lessons and extra curricular activities.

  • “Students and their parents and carers think that the school is a safe place and a very large majority say that the school deals effectively with any instances of bullying”
  • “Behaviour around the school is good, students say that they feel safe”

As a school we are very ambitious for our students, at Sixth Form we have exceptionally high levels of progression to highly selective Universities. This was highlighted in the Sutton Trust report placing us in the top 100 schools.Sutton trust final report (appendix 2 page 29).

We provide an academic focus to studies with the majority of students studying academic GCSE’s and continuing to study A level subjects post 16.

  • “Teachers are passionate and enthusiastic about their subject”
  • “Attainment is improving and examination results at the end of Key Stage 4 are above average. Results are significantly high when considering only GCSE results and no other equivalent qualifications”
  • “A higher than average proportion of Year 12 students choose to continue with their studies in Year 13”

Malton is a centre for excellence as a Specialist Science School and we are proud of the large numbers of students who opt to study science bucking the national trends at A’ level.

At the end of 2008 we received a visit from the Chief Science Inspector to assess the impact of science in the school. This visit highlighted many strengths.Ofsted survey inspection programme for science

  • “Specialist science college status has had a positive impact on standards and achievement in science and the school can show improvements in other aspects and subject areas, not least the close working of science with mathematics”
  • “The large majority of lessons seen were good and some were outstanding”
  • “Much of the teaching is well contextualized and relevant to the lives of students. A clear priority is the incorporation and development of science skills. The extensive involvement in science skills and practical work is cited by students as one of the most enjoyable aspects of science work”
  • “Students affirm their high levels of confidence and trust in their science teachers and speak positively of how teachers are always willing to help them”
  • “There are clear expectations of teachers that students should be active participants in lessons and not simply passive learners”
  • “There are very good relationships between teachers and students and students show good attitudes and apply themselves well”