Welcome to Malton School, A Specialist Science School

Stronger for being one

Our Aims

Aims of Malton School

“Providing a nurturing environment, inspiring every individual to flourish”

Malton School provides a learning environment which is:

  • Safe and secure - So that every individual feels able to take risks in the pursuit of new knowledge and skills.
  • Happy - Based on varied, engaging and stimulating teaching and learning in every class, supported by a range of extra-curricular opportunities and positive staff/student relationships, so that every individual can find a way to shine and build self-esteem.
  • Supportive and Challenging - Where every individual feels that they are being continuously stretched to achieve to the best of their ability in a way that is planned, structured and evaluated with them.

Malton School wants all its leavers to:

  • Be self-assured, confident and tolerant.
  • Be ready to make a positive contribution to society through their life and work as active citizens.
  • Be equipped to continue and further their education.
  • Have a global awareness within a secure sense of belonging.
  • Want to re-invest in adding further value to the future good work of the School in pursuing these aims.