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Reading Time

Our Year 13 senior librarians have worked hard to make improvements in the library.

As well as sorting out the library books; replacing posters and generally tidying up the space; they have put forward a number of suggestions.

Some of their ideas include:

  • There will be a sixth form presence Monday 1pm-1:30pm and Thursday 1pm to 1:30pm (with more senior librarians, the library should be open most days)
  • All displays will be renewed with either new art work, photography, photos
  • All areas to be allocated a purpose eg UCAS corner, Year 11 area, Year 12 area
  • Different areas of the library will have different genres of books
  • Book displays to include books of the week, my favourite read etc
  • Year 7 competition
  • Stands will have up to date periodicals and hopefully newspapers (a funding application has been made for this)
  • Possible book and film club
  • New senior librarians to be appointed shortly for the new academic year

The team welcome any suggestions that students may have to continue with the improvements.

Many thanks to Megan, Sophie, Rosie and Olivia for their hard work. This will really benefit all students across the whole school.

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