The Programme of Study

From September 2017 students at Malton Sixth Form will typically follow a programme of 3 GCE Advanced Level courses, or their equivalent. Some students may take additional qualifications, such as the Extended Project Qualification or, by mutual agreement where a good case is seen, 4 A Levels.

Where a student has been unsuccessful in securing a C grade in English Language or Mathematics by the end of Year 11, they will be re-sitting that qualification to improve their grade at the end of Year 12.

As well as Advanced Level courses the Sixth Form also offers a number of Applied A Levels, Cambridge Technical and BTEC qualifications. These can be taken on their own in some cases as a Triple Award (or 3 A Level equivalent), allowing a student to specialise in one particular area; or they can be taken as a single award and mixed with other Applied courses or with A Levels.


Minimum entry requirements

A minimum expectation for entry into the sixth form is 5 GCSE grade Cs or their equivalent.

For any student wishing to study A Level Mathematics there is a further requirement to have achieved at least a grade 6 at GCSE in Maths (equivalent to the old B grade).

It is recommended that any student wishing to study A Level Biology, Chemistry or Physics has achieved a grade 6 in Dual Award Science if they haven’t studied Triple Science at GCSE.

For many other A Level subjects it is not a requirement that a student has necessarily studied that subject at GCSE level. Please ask if you would like to pick up a subject that you did not take for one of your GCSE options.



It is accepted that these are general entrance requirements and that not all students who have the ability to achieve success at Advanced Level will meet this profile.

In exceptional circumstances the Head of Sixth Form, in consultation with the appropriate subject leaders, has the discretion to admit a student with qualifications that are below those of the minimum entrance requirement.