Student Festival Bake-Off

Student Festival Bake-Off

Six Year 9 students from Malton School are taking part in a bake-off final at the Malton Food Festival this weekend.

The competition takes place at Malton Cookery School where students will have to adapt a traditional recipe for a Suet Roll.

The students in the final are India hall, Rosie Smith, Phoebe Nicholson, Jaden Jefferson, Jack Robinson and Lily Thompson.

The recipe is taken from a new book, Malton Goes to Market, a collection of old-fashioned, local recipes which is being adapted by Malton Museum Food Historian Peter Brears .

Food technology teacher Justine Warner said: “The students have really enjoyed this challenge. They have adapted the recipe in class to appeal to a modern audience. This will enable links to Food Technology, Maths, History, English and Geography within school.”

The runners up and winners (a total of six students) will be invited to the book launch on July 8th.

  • The Bake off competition takes place on Saturday, May 27th at Malton Cookery School at 8.45-10am as part of Malton Food Festival.

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