School Uniform

Purchasing School Uniform

School Uniform is provided via our suppliers website. Please read the requirements below and then follow the steps to view the online catalogue.

  • Visit 'The School uniform Specialist' website and enter the password MAL558 into the website
  • Enter your login details, if you haven't used the site before select register
  • Add all your requirments to the basket and then check out, NOTE: Free shipping to the school is available during the checkout procedure.

School Uniform Requirements

Items in BOLD are available from the school uniform provider above.

  • Pale blue long-sleeved non-fitted/shaped (in the Summer Term short-sleeved if preferred) shirt with collar and made of polyester cotton
  • School tie
  • School blazer
  • Sleeveless school jumper (optional to wear under the blazer)
  • A waterproof coat and jacket (denim, leather or similar coats and jackets are not allowed)
  • House Ties, Half-Colours and Full Colours will be issued to students as an award in recognition of their service to House or School
  • Plain black trousers (full length); (Skin tight fitting, ski-pants and denim, canvas or jogging suit material are not acceptable)
  • Plain dark coloured socks
  • Pleated black skirt or plain black trousers (Skin tight fitting, ski-pants and denim, canvas or jogging suit material are not acceptable). If Skirts is worn it must be of the approved style purchased from our school uniform provider
  • Plain dark coloured socks or tights
Boys - For PE
  • White sports socks
  • White polo shirt with school emblem
  • Navy shorts with school emblem
  • Blue reversible football/rugby shirt
  • Sky Blue football socks
  • Trainers (suitable for indoor use)
  • Football boots with moulded plastic studs (screw in studs and blades are NOT permitted on our Astro Turf) and shin pads
Girls - For PE
  • Pale blue short-sleeved polo top with school emblem
  • Navy blue shorts or skort with school emblem
  • Sky blue hockey socks
  • White sports socks
  • Trainers (suitable for indoor use)
  • Hockey/football boots with moulded plastic (screw in studs and blades are NOT permitted on our Astro Turf) and shin pads
  • Malton School Sweatshirt (optional for Games)
  • Plain navy blue tracksuit trousers (optional)
  • Fingerless gloves (optional)
    • School Uniform Regulations

      1. If T-shirts are worn under shirts they must not be visible.
      2. Scarves are not to be worn in the school buildings.
      3. Baseball caps and other headgear are not allowed to be worn on the school premises.
      4. Sweatshirts, hoodies and non-school jumpers are not allowed to be worn on the school premises.
      5. All items of clothing and personal kit should be clearly marked with the student’s name. This will help in recovering lost property.
      1. Students need to wear sensible footwear which supports the feet and keeps them warm and dry but do not damage the floors in school.
      2. Footwear must be plain black (leather type material)
      3. No high heels allowed.
      4. Ankle length lightweight boots (not Doc Martins) are allowed so long as they are worn under the trousers.
      Hair and Make-up
      1. Hair must be unobtrusively styled in naturally occurring tones.
      2. Long hair must be tied back for PE, Games, Technology and Science lessons.
      3. Nail varnish should not be worn in school.
      4. Any make up used must be discreet (looking entirely natural). Excessive make-up will have to be removed.
      1. One pair of small ear studs may be worn. No other items of jewellery are allowed (i.e. necklaces, rings, bracelets). A watch may be worn.
      2. In practical lessons such as Technology students may be required to remove jewellery for health and safety reasons. In PE and Games lessons students must remove all items of jewellery.
      Tattoos and Body Piercing
      1. Tattoos are not allowed as it is illegal to tattoo anyone under the age of 18 years. To avoid confusion, transfers must not be worn.
      2. Body piercing, with the exception of ears, is not allowed. Consequently studs or rings are not allowed in any part of the body (except a single stud in each ear).
      3. When body piercing is carried out there is often a requirement that the piercing remains in for several weeks initially. Please make certain before allowing any piercing to take place that this initial period does not fall in school time as all piercings will need to be removed for school.
      • If a student does not conform to uniform requirements they will be issued with a negative comment in their planner on each day until the correct uniform is worn. To avoid this, if there is a genuine reason why your son/daughter can not wear the full uniform please put this in writing to their Form Tutor giving a clear indication of when the matter will be rectified. The school will have to consider each of these cases individually.
      • If a student persistently breaches uniform requirements without a good reason they may be placed in isolation.
      • Persistent failure to wear correct uniform may be noted in student references; many employers ask for a comment on dress and appearance.