A Lesson in Empathy

A Lesson in Empathy

As part of their General Studies course Year 10 students re-enacted the plight of refugees seeking asylum.

Some students played the part of the refugees whilst others acted out the role of immigration officers.

They were each given role cards depending on their character and had to prepare arguments and tactics to help their decision making.

The students have been learning about refugees, asylum seekers, Internally Displaced Persons who are forced to flee their home but remain within their country’s borders.

They have also looked at various bodies including the UN declaration of human rights to learn about how international laws apply in these situations.

RE Teacher Bethan Davies said: “The experiential lesson was to help the students engage not just intellectually but also on a human level with empathy so the bridge between knowledge of others and their own experience would be brought closer together.  My hope is that they will use this and propel them into action.”

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