About Us

About Us

At Malton School we strive to enable children to develop their potential to the full and to grow into mature and confident young people who are prepared for the challenges, opportunities and responsibilities of adult life. To support this development Malton School offers a caring environment within which students can share in a wide range of academic, sporting, aesthetic, spiritual and social experiences.

In every sphere of school life there is an emphasis on the pursuit of excellence. Each student is encouraged to take responsibility for his/her own work and behaviour and to develop habits of self-reliance, self-discipline and consideration for others.

Activities such as assemblies, productions, Celebration Evenings and Sports Day help to encourage a feeling of commitment and shared values. Students are given opportunities to exercise responsibility through involvement in Year and School Councils. They are encouraged to develop an understanding of, and a respect for, the values and beliefs of others.

Our aim is to offer an exceptional education to the Ryedale Community and to this end we have set ourselves and our students challenging targets.

Malton School is a school with strong traditions of care for the individual and exacting academic standards. We aim to maintain and build on that tradition.

At all times there is recognition of the need for a partnership between home and school, and the need to provide experiences tailored to the individual. Only by parents and staff working closely together is it possible for a student to derive the full benefit from his or her education.