BBC News School Reporters for a Day

BBC News School Reporters for a Day

Students made the news on March 16th 2017 by taking part in the nationwide BBC News School Report.

The student news team, who all do the Newspaper PDA session, put together a broadcast news report about the benefits of using tablets and technology in schools as Malton is an iPad for Learning School.

They were fortunate enough to interview Ofsted’s National Director, Education, Sean Harford as part of their report as well as teachers and fellow students.

Students Katie Hardy, Year 10, and Ben Coyle, Year 7, interviewed Mr Harford using FaceTime followed by interviews with teacher and iPad Leader Andy Hodgson and student Tom Williamson, Year 10.

On the actual news day, a newsroom was set up in Room 40 and students spent the day editing their footage and recording voiceovers for the report. James Hannam, an Apple specialist, was in school to give the students a tutorial and to share his technical kit. The students used iMovie to edit the report.

Along with Katie and Ben, students involved in editing this year’s BBC News School Report were  Zaneta Rykowska, Year 10, Toby Spence, Year 8, and George Clarke, Year 8, with Isaac Durber-Hocking, Year 7, taking videos to create a behind the scenes documentary.

Well done to all the students on a great collaborative project.

How using technology in the classroom helps students with their learning

Here is their BBC News School Report:

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