CANCELLATION: Battlefields & Mayenne Trip 2020

CANCELLATION: Battlefields & Mayenne Trip 2020

Battlefields & Mayenne Trip 2020

In the light of the Prime Minister’s announcement last night “advising” that all international school trips should not take place for the foreseeable future, we have sadly had to take the decision that the Battlefields & Mayenne Trip will NOT now take place.

I have been in the process of trying to sort out all the insurance arrangements. These are not as straightforward as you may think as the policy, like most policies, provide cover if the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) enforce a travel ban or advise against all but essential travel. So, whilst we have a statement of advice from the Prime Minister we do not have a clear position on all travel to France and Belgium from the FCO. I have been seeking clarity on where we stand in order to protect the monies that you have paid and the financial position of the school. This has taken a bit of time this morning but you will be pleased to know that I now have confirmation that we are covered.

In terms of actions for you to take: please do not make any remaining payments for the trip on Parent Pay; and please allow us a period of time to go through the process of making the insurance claim and recovering the money before we are able to refund you.

I am very sorry and disappointed that the trip will not be able to go ahead this academic year but clearly the health and wellbeing of all the students, staff and their families is the top priority.

Yours faithfully,

Rob Williams
Malton School

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