Carlisle Claims Victory in Sports Day

Carlisle Claims Victory in Sports Day

On a cool, overcast and slightly damp July day, students in Years 7-10 took part in a series of athletics competitions as part of our Sports Day.  Sports Day really is a whole school event with support from teaching staff, pastoral teams, Year 12 students and input from a wide range of other staff all of whom we are extremely grateful to for giving up their time to help out.

With members of the PE Team marshalling and directing events, details of the winners of each race were meticulously recorded and following some expert number crunching by members of the Maths Faculty, ably assisted by Mrs Coulbeck, Carlisle were crowned Sports Day Champions. However, it didn’t all go Carlisle’s way and congratulations must go to the other houses who came first in specific year groups as follows:

  • Year 7: Willoughby
  • Year 8: Tudor
  • Year 9: Willoughby
  • Year 10: Carlisle
  • Overall winners: Carlisle

There were also individual winners in each year group – students who participated in numerous events throughout the day, being placed each time.  Our congratulations go to the following:

  • Year 7 winners: Theo and Sophie
  • Year 8 winners: Louie and Anna
  • Year 9 winners: Louis and Honor
  • Year 10 winners: Daniel and Ellie

A number of school records broken were also broken over the course of the day, some of which had been held for a very long time. Notable results include:

  • Daniel who beat both the Year 10 High Jump record from 2009 and the Triple Jump record which had stood since 2004
  • Ella who beat the Year 10 Triple Jump record from 2017
  • Ellie who beat the Year 10 800m record which had been broken only the year before
  • Oliver who broke the Year 8 Javelin record which had been held since 1992!

Unfortunately, the weather closed in by the end of the day meaning the relay races had to be postponed to the following day which was disappointing for both staff and students as the relay tends to be a really exciting race to watch as well as being highly competitive.

Our thanks also go to the PTA who served teas and coffees, strawberries and cream as well as cakes and savouries to parents who attended the afternoon events. Finally, special mention to Mrs Gordon and the catering team who served ice lollies and cold drinks to students.

As ever we are looking forward to next year to see which house will come in first – and what records might be broken!

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