Cooking up a Feast

Cooking up a Feast

Our Year 11 Food Technology students spent a day in the kitchen working on their GCSE projects creating dishes from around the globe.


FT teacher Justine Warner said the extra sessions meant that the students were able to prepare high quality and more complex recipes which wasn’t always easy in their normal lessons because of cooking times.

The FT department recently secured a bid from the PTA for new equipment including mixers and a fridge.

Mrs Warner said: “Food Technology is a fast changing subject with the new GCSE specification starting to focus on food and nutrition science. This does mean an increase in practical sessions being delivered across the school including Key Stage 3.

“The fridge and equipment funded by the PTA will help towards making developmental dishes such as soups for Year 9. The fridge will help to keep food safe as the increase in practicals does mean that more students cook each day. Up to date storage has been an issue often over spilling into another food room.”

As the courses develop the department are looking forward to delivering more experimental lessons where with a range of ingredients students can start to understand why particular foods react in certain ways.


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