Essential Information

Our Three Pillars That Build Success

Our Purpose:

Creating a community and learning environment that enables every individual to reach their full potential (Support)

Embedding an ethos of excellence in our teaching and learning to deliver the highest possible outcomes (Inspire)

Equipping all students with knowledge, skills and cultural capital, allowing them to flourish through multiple paths in life, making a significantly positive contribution to society (Thrive)

Our 3 Pillars – Support, Inspire, Thrive are based on:

  • Core Values:
    We place emphasis on a traditional ethos, recognizing the importance of promoting a strong set of core values that include tolerance and respect, politeness, good manners, a smart appearance, an industrious work ethic and a generosity of spirit. This ensures a purposeful and inclusive learning environment. Our House system promotes collaboration and teamwork alongside rivalry and competitiveness.  Students have the chance to gain House ties, Half-Colours and Full Colours through a system that mirrors a job application, where they have to demonstrate and evidence achievement across a broad range of success criteria.


  • Academic Excellence:
    Staff deliver exciting, engaging and varied teaching and learning through a system of four lessons of 75 minutes each every day. Every student has an iPad, preloaded with selected educational apps that are used by teachers to accelerate student progress.  There is an emphasis on the development of investigative, problem-solving, presentation and team-work skills.  Opportunities are sought to allow each student to experience success and from this to build self-esteem, enabling them to flourish.


  • Personal Development:
    The school operates an extended day every Thursday, with five lessons, and in which the additional lesson is devoted to high quality personal development activities that deliver a very broad range of important life and employability skills. These sessions include, for example, the Duke of Edinburgh Award (at all levels), debating, gardening, conversational languages, book groups, engineering, dance, photography and much, much more.  Each student takes a new activity each term.  Over 7 years at the school they can seriously enhance their personal portfolio or CV.  All this is in addition to the broad range of trips, clubs and activities on offer.

To find out more about our Three Pillars and how they link with our Curriculum in all subjects and across all year groups, please click here.