Statutory Information

Whole School Policies & Information

Accessibility Plan

The accessibility policy is adopted from the NYC equality scheme document.

The accessibility plan for the school is derived from this document – Equality Scheme Action Plan 2015.

Authorised Absence for Holidays in Term Time

Following changes to legislation from September 2013, Malton School is no longer permitted to grant authorized absence for family holidays in term time, except in exceptional circumstances.  For more information, click here.

Charging & remissions Policy

Our charging policy can be found here.  In terms of remissions:

  • Students eligible for free school meals, or for whom the school receives pupil premium funding, are entitled to financial assistance for those items where a charge is usually made. In most cases this will be full payment by the school and typically covers items such as:
    • school meals, textbooks and revision materials, day trips and visits, group music tuition, and resources for practical subjects.
    • Costs will be subsidised for residential trips and for the purchase of a school iPad. The level of subsidy depends on the nature of the trip and on the iPad scheme currently in place.
    • There is no remission for the cost of Home to School Transport for students in Key Stage 3 or 4.

If you are uncertain whether you are eligible for a remission, please contact the school on to discuss what financial help may be available for your child.

Students in the Sixth Form at Malton School are able to apply for financial support through the 16-19 Bursary Scheme.  Additional information and an application form can be found here or email for more information about what financial help is available for our Sixth Form students.  Please note there is no fee remission for items relating to Key Stage 5 courses.

Financial Information

We submit data to the Schools Financial Benchmarking Service, which you can access here, giving details of our income and expenditure.  Details of staff salaries are not included in this as a school only needs to report on salaries if it has staff earning £100,000 p.a. or more.  As a school none of our staff fall into this category.

Relationship and Sex Education

Our Policy for Relationship and Sex Education can be found here