Experiencing the Operating Theatre

Experiencing the Operating Theatre

Several students ranging from years 9 to 13 took part in a unique medical workshop including a simulated operating theatre which was set up in the West Wing gym.

The Operating Theatre Live event is unlike any other school-based workshop. The event started with the creation of a mock operating theatre using real anatomical samples for examination.

Having changed into theatre gowns the students embarked on a practical journey through the human body led by an expert Medical Anatomist and trained teacher along with support staff.

Each of the sessions introduced the students to different aspects of the operating theatre including an introduction to medicine; human anatomy; making incisions, preparing anaesthetics; the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

Part of the day was a strong focus on skills and careers, preparing students with up to date information to make informed decisions about their career paths.

All the students involved said it had been a fantastic experience of working in an operating theatre.

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