Welcome To Key Stage 3 At Malton School

Thank you for your interest in Malton School.  Whether you have already chosen Malton School for your child’s ongoing education and been offered a place or are considering applying for a place, these pages will provide you with the information you need.


As well as your subject teachers, the Key Stage 3 Team will work with you to ease your transition from primary school to Malton School.  Our role is to support you to help you thrive and flourish in your time with us, as well as to help with any pastoral issues you may have during your time in Lower School.

Miss Davison – Head of Key Stage 3

“Hello and welcome to Malton School!”

“I am responsible for Years 7, 8 and 9 within the school.  My role is a non-teaching position which ensures I am able to support and guide our young people within Key Stage 3 throughout the school day and enables me to deal with any issues that do arise, be that from students or parents.  I am also one of the safeguarding leads for the school.”

Mrs Beal – Assistant Head of Key Stage 3

“Hello, one of my main roles in school is to support our Year 7s during their first year here.  I have responsibility for transition for the Year 6s and deal with any applications we receive for students who wish to join the school in Key Stage 3.  I work closely with both Miss Davison and Miss Loughran.”

Miss Loughran – Assistant Head of Key Stage 3

“My name is Miss Loughran.  I am Assistant Head of Key Stage 3.  I work alongside Mrs Beal, assisting the Head of Key Stage Miss Davison.  I mainly support Years 8 and 9 for pastoral issues in school, however, I am available to other year groups should they need support.  I also monitor attendance across the Key Stage, maintaining correspondence between school and home should any issues arise.”

Mr Else – Head of Inclusion

Mr Else is the SENCo and part of his role is to identify and ensure correct provision is in place for all our students who may have additional requirements.

“My role is to monitor and ensure additional support for students with additional learning or social/emotional needs.  Primary Schools have already passed some information on to us, but if you have any concerns about your son or daughter’s support needs on transition to Secondary school, please drop me an email on mne@maltonschool.com”

libby – school mentor

“Hello, my name is Libby Pearson but please call me Libby. I am the School Mentor but I think the best way to describe my role is as a big listening ear. I am here to listen to what is happening in your life, both in and out of school, and then we work together to see if we can find ways to make things easier.

There are a few ways that you can request seeing me, the most usual is that a member of the pastoral team suggests that this might be good for you. Or one of your teachers or other staff members might also suggest this. I usually see the people I mentor every two to three weeks and for about half an hour at a time to listen to you, try to understand how you feel and work with you to improve things if you are having difficulties.

I look forward to meeting all Year 7 and especially those of you looking for a little bit of extra support.”

During lockdown Libby has been uploading weekly wellbeing videos to The Navy Blazer – our student blog.  You can access the blog here.

Mrs Swindells – KS3 and KS4 Pastoral Administrator

Mrs Swindells provides administrative support to the Team; you should contact Mrs Swindells if you have any changes of contact details, issues with Parentpay, etc.

welcome to the year 7 Form Tutors

There are 5 houses at Malton School and when you join us in Year 7, you will be allocated to one of them.  The 5 houses are:

  • Carlisle
  • Fitzwilliam
  • Holgate
  • Tudor
  • Willoughby

Form time, when you will be with your house, takes place each day from 1.45pm to 2pm, with your form tutor.  One day a week you will have an assembly with your Year Group in the Drama Studio.

You can find out more about the house system and house points here.

Mrs Hopkin – 7 Carlisle

Mrs Hopkin is the Year 7 Form Tutor for Carlisle, based in Room 22 at the West Wing.  She will be supported in 7C by Miss Hampshire.

Mrs Stockdale – 7 Fitzwilliam

Mrs Stockdale is the Year 7 Form Tutor for Fitzwilliam, based in Room 17 at the West Wing.  She will be supported in 7F by Mrs Haigh.

Mrs McGrath – 7 Holgate

Mrs McGrath is the Year 7 Form Tutor for Holgate, based in Room 34 at the East Wing.  She will also be supported in 7H by Mrs Haigh.

Mr Oakes – 7 Tudor

Mr Oakes is the Year 7 Form Tutor for Tudor, based in Room 30 at the East Wing.

Mrs Blacker – 7 Willoughby

Mrs Blacker is the Year 7 Form Tutor for Willoughby, based in Room 42 at the East Wing.  Mrs Blacker is joining Malton School in September so unfortunately we don’t yet have a picture of her.  As soon as we do, we will add her image here.


In preparation for joining us in September, we have already sent out the forms we require you to submit, mostly via online google forms.  Please ensure you complete and submit these by the dates given.  We have also sent out an Information Booklet which gives you a breakdown of all the housekeeping bits and pieces you will need to know (this is based on how school runs during non-emergency times).

welcome from the maths department plus summer preparation

Mr Muir, Head of Maths, and members of the Maths Department, have put together a short video to help you make the transition from Primary to Secondary School Maths.  In this video, you will:

  • Meet members of the Maths Department
  • Learn about Maths at Malton School
  • Find out what you can do over the summer to help prepare for Maths in Year 7

If you have any questions about Maths preparation or Maths here at Malton School, do please e-mail Mr Muir jam@maltonschool.org.

The Planner

All students at Malton School have a planner which gives really important information about the school day, our system of positive discipline, and how we expect you to behave.  It also has space for you to write in your timetable as well as homework deadlines – and it’s where you’ll collect house points.  In fact it’s so important that you will be asked to have it on your desk in every lesson.

You will be given your planner on your first day in school and we will talk you through it and help you to use it.  The link below will give you a short introduction to the planner.

Introduction to the Planner

ipad for learning

Malton School is an iPad School, meaning every student has access to an iPad, pre-loaded with educational apps, which is used both in lessons and for homework.  The use of iPads enables staff to enhance the quality and variety of learning students experience – and during lock-down has been an invaluable tool to enable students to continue with lessons remotely.

This year the iPad will include an integrated keyboard case and Apple pen as well as screen protector and insurance.  We have also introduced Direct Debit as a method of payment.

If you have not received details on how to order your iPad, please e-mail Mrs Swindells (sas@maltonschool.org).  You can find links here to a presentation on this year’s iPad scheme by Mr Goodyear, our IT Manager as well as a link to a video on the use of iPads in School.

iPad for Learning Scheme – Year 7 September 2020 Entry

iPad for Learning – Case Study

Frequently Asked Questions

On the Year 6 transition forms, we asked you to let us know any questions you had about starting at Malton School in September.  We thought the best people to answer these would be the current Year 7 students who have recently been through the transition themselves.  Our Year 7 students have answered in a variety of ways and you can dip in and out of this presentation, or listen to the audio files to see and hear all the different responses to your questions.

Read the Year 7 Responses to your Questions:

Listen to the Year 7 Responses to your Questions:

One of our current Year 7 students kindly put together an audio file, answering your questions.

Finding Your Way Around School

As we are a split site, one of the main questions we get asked is about finding your way around school.  We have put together two short walking tours of each Wing (East Wing and West Wing) which we hope will help you start to familiarise yourself with the layout of School and ease some of your concerns.

Miss Hampshire, one of our Learning Managers, has also put together a quiz sheet for each wing – why not look at them both and see how much you can see or remember?

Finally, Libby, the School Mentor, put together a short ‘back to school’ video for all our students, which you may also find useful.  We have pasted a link to it below.

West Wing Tour

West Wing Virtual Tour Quiz

East Wing Tour

East Wing Virtual Tour Quiz