Welcome to KS5

Thank you for your interest in the Sixth Form at Malton school and all we have to offer.  As we are unable to host a physical Pre-Registration Day this year, we hope you find these pages helpful in understanding how our Sixth Form works and how you can best prepare for starting with us in September.


As well as your subject teachers, the KS5 Team will work with you and alongside you:

Mrs Cooper – Director of Sixth Form

When not teaching in Lab 44, Mrs Cooper has an office in Sixth Form. She has overall responsibility for the Sixth Form.

Mrs Holden & Mrs Pulling – Assistant Heads of Sixth Form

Mrs Pulling works in Sixth Form Monday-Wednesday and Mrs Holden Thursday & Friday

Mrs Pulling supports students with attendance and academic issues and will organise both Study Periods and Agreed Absences with you.
Mrs Holden is able to provide advice and guidance both in regard to your studies now and in the future.

Mr Dent – Head of Guidance

Mr Dent is based in the East Wing, working Monday-Thursday. He is able to offer one-to-one careers and guidance meetings whatever your next steps, study period support and interview preparation

Mrs Burrows – Pastoral Administrator

Mrs Burrows provides administrative support to the whole Team, working in the Sixth Form Monday, Wednesday-Friday. Please see Mrs Burrows for bursary forms, applications for absence, timetables and school communications.



Our student team is invaluable to the smooth running of the Sixth Form. It consists of a President and Vice president, elected by student and staff vote. They in turn assemble a President’s Team which students apply to join.  A team of Senior librarians work with the Head of Guidance to help oversee the smooth running of the Library.

The President and Vice President represent the Sixth Form.  They meet regularly with the Director of Sixth Form and Headteacher to discuss Sixth Form student related matters and act as the student voice. Additionally, they help organise fundraising activities in School and the end of Year 13 Prom.

This year’s President is Pippa, and Joseph is Vice President:


In preparation for joining us in September we strongly encourage you to maintain good study habits.  We’ve set up some transition work on a platform called Showbie.  All applicants to the Sixth Form should have received an email confirming how to access the work for their chosen courses.

Assuming you have met our entry requirements, as soon as possible on or after results’ day we would ask you to speak to us or e-mail us to confirm you will be joining us.  We will then send you registration information including:

  • Final confirmation of subject and course choices
  • iPad order form
  • Essential Information
  • Rolling Consent
  • Medical Information
  • Cashless catering
  • Biometric registration
  • Student ID card


We look forward to welcoming you to the Sixth Form and will be in contact with you over the coming weeks and months.  We will also post additional information here on our web-site.

In the meantime, should you have any questions or require further information, do please contact us by e-mailing sixth@maltonschool.org