Laura Named Emma Howard Memorial Prize Winner 2023

Laura Named Emma Howard Memorial Prize Winner 2023

Every year at Malton School, one Year 13 Fine Art student is awarded the Emma Howard Memorial Prize.  The prize, donated by Mr and Mrs Howard, in memory of their daughter who was previously a student at the school, is given to the Year 13 student who is considered to have made the most progress over their two years of A level study.

Speaking at the prize-giving event, Ms Jo Harmon, Head of Performance and Creative at Malton School, said, “When judging all our students work for this prize, one of my key considerations is the spirit of the Emma Howard Memorial Prize.  The award doesn’t necessarily go to the best artist – but to the student who has worked consistently over the two years of their A level studies, and in so doing has produced successful outcomes, despite potentially having to overcome challenges along the way.  This means that all of our Year 13 Fine Art students have the opportunity to be awarded this Prize.”

Mr Howard is himself a keen artist and so understands well some of the challenges our students may face. He and his wife still take a keen interest in meeting the candidates and discussing their work with them.

This year, four incredible Fine Artists were considered for the Award. Each was judged based on the work they had produced for their A Level portfolio, reflecting their unique and individual interests. As a School, we were thrilled this year to award the prize to Laura Pilmore.  The judges praised Laura’s beautiful portrait work which included images of her friends and demonstrated an increasing confidence in the exploration of colour. As a School, we wish Laura every success next year as she starts her Art Foundation course at York College once she returns from travelling in Europe.


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