Malton School is Sparx Maths School of the Month

Malton School is Sparx Maths School of the Month

Students and parents will have become familiar with Sparx Maths over the course of this term as we’ve transitioned from Hegarty Maths to the new platform, which incorporates much of the work of Hegarty.  Maths homework is now set from Sparx Maths, with questions based on topics being covered in class as well as topics previously covered, but tailored to the individual student, offering them just the right level of challenge.

There are 3 elements to all homework tasks: Compulsory, XP Boost and Target, the latter two being optional.  All questions in the Compulsory section must be answered correctly for the homework to be marked as complete.  Students then earn Sparx XP or ‘Experience Points’ every time they complete a task and by completing XP Boost and Target tasks they earn greater levels of XP points.

Use of platforms such as Sparx Maths can have a really positive impact on outcomes in all school years, but especially for students in crucial exam years.  One hour of bespoke Maths work on Sparx per week equates to an additional 10 weeks’ worth of learning over an academic year. The Maths team in school have therefore been working hard to encourage engagement and take-up from students, including activities such as:

  • Year group Sparx XP Points leader boards
  • Individual class Sparx XP Points leader board
  • Individual student Sparx XP Points leader boards
  • Support sessions, with Year 13 students working with students lower down the school who need some additional help with their homework

These have in turn led to ‘biscuit and juice’ lessons for top performing classes, as well as prize draws with vouchers for the top performing individual students in each year group.  The leader boards outside key Maths classrooms are regularly updated by staff.

The hard work of both students and the Maths Team has now been recognised by Sparx Maths as we’ve been named ‘School of the Month’ for December for the variety of ways students are being encouraged to engage with Sparx Maths and so boost their own learning.  Mr Muir, Head of Maths, is delighted with the way students are engaging with Sparx Maths and to be recognised as ‘School of the Month’ so soon after introducing it is a real privilege.  He is looking forward to seeing student outcomes continue to improve over the coming year.

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