Malton School Rocks!

Malton School Rocks!

For the second year running, Malton School’s Rock Challenge Team have won the York and North Yorkshire Open Heats held at the York Barbican on 25 March – and are now through to the Northern Heats on 28 June.

Rock Challenge is a global event run by the Be Your Best Foundation.  The event aims to encourage young people to lead healthy lifestyles and be their best without the need for tobacco, alcohol or other drugs.  Teams have to create their own dance along with set, props, costume and soundtrack.  The Team of over 70 performers and back stage crew have been busily choreographing and rehearsing their 8 minute routine since September as part of their Personal Development Activities on a Thursday.

The dance created by the Team, entitled “War and Peace”, was a reflection on both the 100 year anniversary of the ending of World War one and the generation who sacrificed so much, but also a reminder that lives today are still affected by war.

Jon Lee, Drama Teacher, who has overseen the project is delighted with the Team’s results and the dedication, commitment and enthusiasm of all those involved.  In addition to winning on Monday night, the team also picked up 11 Awards including Excellence for Choreography, Excellence for Drama, Excellence for Performance Skill, Performer’s Choice Award, Positive Inclusion Award and Student Leadership Award.

The Team are hoping for an equally successful evening in June when they’ll be one of 12 schools all hoping to win.


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