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It has been an incredible term for Malton School, but especially for the Maths Faculty. At an online ceremony at the end of June, the Maths Department was crowned Maths Team of the Year in the TES Schools Awards. These national awards recognise the best individuals and institutions that the education sector has to offer.

What made the team stand out was their enthusiasm and commitment, which was praised by judges. Judge Jemma Sherwood said, ”Clearly a passionate team, they have demonstrated consistent improvements not only in attainment but take-up at Key Stage 5 and engagement in extra-curricular Maths. It was a pleasure to learn about this Maths Team.”

The improvements mentioned include a significant increase in the number of students taking A-level Maths, but also in Key Stage 3 the success of the Build a Mathematician programme, which has helped students develop a secure base of understanding. And in an effort to improve the transition of students into Year 7, in conjunction with Mari Palmer, Headteacher at Settrington All Saints Church of England Primary School, Head of Faculty, James Muir, and his team have helped run a regional transition project in which they provide training for primary and secondary schools, as well as producing materials to support students’ progress.

Staff were also praised for their metacognitive approach to learning, meaning students have a clear understanding of their strengths – but, crucially, they also know how to improve and are not afraid to practise their maths skills to make this happen.

The Team were presented with their Award by Headteacher, Rob Williams in School on Friday. Speaking on behalf of the Team, James Muir, Head of Faculty, said “The TES Award is deserved recognition for every member of the Maths Team who in very challenging times have collaborated and worked well as a unit, sharing the expertise of every teacher in the team. Staff have gone above and beyond to deliver a fantastic provision for our students during remote learning and have continued to give their students the opportunity to build on their Maths skills and enthusiasm for the subject since returning to school.”

Rob Williams, Headteacher, was delighted with this recognition of the team and the work they have put into supporting students. “This has been one of the hardest years in teaching. Teachers throughout the country have delivered high quality teaching in new and innovative ways, whilst still seeking to enhance and build on students’ knowledge and abilities. To be recognised as the best Maths Team is an incredible achievement. My congratulations go to James and the team.”

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