Ofsted Inspection Letter

Ofsted Inspection Letter

I am pleased to enclose a copy of our recent Ofsted Instpection Letter which we have just been given permission to make public. It will be put on the Ofsted website on Tuesday 7th May.

The Ofsted team found that all aspects of the work of the school continue to be ‘good’. We are delighted to receive this endorsement. We were very pleased that Ofsted noted the way in which the school had successfully tackled the two areas they asked us to focus on at the last inspection: consistency from teaching staff in the way they get students’ to respond to feedback and improve the quality of their work; and developing a better appreciation of the diverse and wider world in which the students live. In both cases Ofsted have said that these areas are now real strengths of the school. The letter goes on to state:

“Students talk very positively about, and value, the high-quality support they receive. They are very proud of the school community of which they are part.”

The two areas identified as “next steps” for the school to become outstanding are ones that are already identified in our School Development Plan and on which we have been working this year: to raise the bar in terms of the standard of work produced by all students and to further challenge the most able students consistently across all subjects.

I want to thank all of you for your ongoing support and trust, especially those of you who took the time and trouble not only to respond to the Ofsted survey but to write significant free text comments. The Ofsted team were seriously impressed by the overwhelming quantity of these very positive responses, which was at a level that they do not usually find: 97% of parents responded that they would recommend this school to a friend, compared with the national average for this question which is 83%. I want to assure you that we will not settle with this but will continue to strive to be the best that we can be in all aspects of our work.

I hope you enjoy reading the letter. If you have any comments or suggestions for further improvements please do get in touch with me directly.

Yours faithfully,


Rob Williams

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