Homework plays an important part in supporting learning.  It contributes to developing skills such as independent study, self-discipline and personal organization and will be set as follows:

  • In KS3 the core subjects (English, Maths, Science) will set one homework per week. All other subjects will set one piece per fortnight.
  • In KS4 each examined subject sets one piece per week. Subjects can also set an additional piece a week if needed.
  • In KS3 and KS4 students will have more than one night to complete any homework set.

Homework tasks can take a variety of forms:

  • They may be set directly from work done in the lesson.
  • They may be from a list which students are able to choose.
  • Some may take the form of extended projects.
  • In KS4 coursework may be set as homework.
  • Students may also be asked to improve a piece of work, responding to teachers’ marking.

Homework Club

A Homework Club operates in Room 11:

  • Every lunchtime from 1pm-1.40pm. This is mainly for KS3 students but KS4 students who would benefit from additional support are welcome to attend.
  • After school Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday from 3.20pm-5pm. This is open to all students and staff are available at the club to help with difficult tasks students may be struggling with.

Additional Maths help is also available every Tuesday & Wednesday until 4.30pm in Room 21.  It is open to all year groups for help to support students with particular Maths topics, revision or with homework.