For general information on school transport, including routes, please click here

School Closure

We aim to stay open wherever possible, so even if the buses do not run, school will be open for local students.  On the very rare occasions where school is closed completely the school will contact the local radio stations who broadcast information on school closures.  Please click here for BBC Radio York and here for Greatest Hits Radio (York & North Yorkshire).  Notification will also be made on the school facebook account.

Delayed / Late Buses

  • Students: If your bus doesn’t arrive, please stay at the stop for at least 20 minutes as the bus could have been delayed earlier in the route. If you have waited 20 minutes and the bus still hasn’t arrived, go home and tell your parents.  They may have already heard from school and can tell you what you need to do.  If they have not heard from school, they should telephone school on 01653 692828 or 605337 to advise us that the bus hasn’t arrived and to find out what other arrangements have been made.
  • Parents: Where a bus company has told us that a bus will not run, we will send out an email message telling you what alternative arrangements have been made. The message will go to the person you nominated as the first priority contact.  Please make sure that you notify us if you change email accounts.  We recommend that this should be an email account that you can monitor easily in bad weather.  Some bus operators keep contact details for the students using their buses and they may telephone you themselves to tell you if the bus is late or not running.
    If the bus is running but you feel that the journey would not be safe for your child, for example, if your journey to the pick-up point would be risky, please telephone school to let us know that they will not be in school.

Early Bus Departures

Where a bus company has told us that they need to run the homeward journey early, we will also notify parents by email as soon as we can.  If the weather is deteriorating quickly we might not be able to give you much notice.  Please make sure your child’s phone is charged and they have credit so that you can contact them to let them know where they should go to be safe when they get home.

There may be occasions when the buses cannot run at all.  If this is the case and you decide to bring your child in yourself, you should ensure that you can collect them at the end of the normal school day as the buses may still not be running.