Students in Years 7-11 are expected to wear school uniform.  Our uniform suppliers visit school in early July to help Year 6 students with the purchase of uniform for the September.  We have worked with our supplier to minimize the number of specialist items of clothing.

To view the online catalogue which is held by The School Uniform Specialist on our behalf, visit their website here.

  • Password for Malton: MAL558
  • Either register or login
  • Add required clothing to the ‘basket’ and check out. (Please note, free shipping to school is available).

As students move through school, and by earning housepoints, they are able to work towards their house ties and eventually half colour and full colour ties.  The awarding of the half and full colour ties brings additional benefits with it to students in Years 10 and 11.

You can view our school uniform guide here and our school uniform policy here.