Mr Else is the Head of inclusion and SENCO and maintains an overview of all students with additional needs, ensuring that all staff are aware of the individual student needs, and of any adaptations to either the curriculum, the classroom environment or the school environment that are needed to enable each individual student to be successful within school.  He works with students and parents from the Summer Term of Year 6 before they start at Malton, right through until students leave us at the end of Year 11 or Year 13.  His role is to ensure that the correct provision is in place for all students who may have additional learning and / or social and emotional needs.

As an inclusive school, we aim to meet the varied needs of a wide range of students. All students at Malton School, including those with SEND are grouped according to ability, initially based on KS2 results and then internal assessment. Lessons are planned to allow all students to make good progress, both during the lesson and over a series of lessons. All students in the school are encouraged to participate in school trips and extra-curricular activities.

The lowest ability groups in Key Stage 3 will have a Teaching Assistant assigned to work with them in the majority of lessons. This is to allow greater flexibility in the teaching of that group, including small group or individual student work within the classroom. This flexibility means that all students should benefit from the specialist knowledge of the teacher as well as the support of an experienced TA. Support to other classes is provided according to the learning needs of students in those groups.

More information on the support provided can be found in our SEN Information Report.