Parents’ Forum: iPad Know-How for Parents

Parents’ Forum: iPad Know-How for Parents

Would you like to find out more about how your child uses their school iPad in lessons? Through our PTA, parents asked if they could have a simple training session about our iPad for Learning scheme with a chance to ask questions.

Therefore, we have arranged a Parents’ Forum event, an iPad Know-How for Parents, on Tuesday, November 8th at 7pm in the West Wing Hall.

During the evening, which aims to be entertaining and informative, there will be a chance to experience a range of applications that students use in school. Our digital leaders will be on hand assist and answer any questions from how teachers respond to homework on-line to keeping students safe on the internet.

The iPad for Learning scheme is currently being rolled out across the whole school. Students in years 8 and 9 will be the next year groups to receive their iPads. The evening is also relevant to parents and students in these years as there will be iPads available for them to use in the activities.

We hope this will be an opportunity for parents to come along and be inspired by their child’s know-how and enthusiasm for learning with this new school initiative. The PTA team will be on hand offering refreshments throughout the evening.

We plan to repeat this event at a future date so keep posted for more details.

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