Malton School takes the E-Safety of our students extremely seriously and as such we wish to provide students, parents and carers with information and opportunities to help better understand the benefits and risk of using the internet and mobile devices.

Click on the links below for further E-Safety Advice:

E-Safety Leaflet for Parents/Carers

E-Safety Advice for Parents

With email, Facebook, online gaming and other social networking the internet has become an integral part of our children’s lives. It has the potential to deliver various educational and social opportunities and can provide access to a world of information and experiences.

‘Whether on a computer at school, iPad, a laptop at home, a games console or mobile phone, children and young people are increasingly accessing the internet whenever they can and wherever they are.

As you would protect your child in the real world, you will want to make sure that they are safe whatever they are doing. Like learning to cross the road, online safety skills are skills for life.

If your child understands the risks and can make sensible and informed choices online, they can get the most from the internet and stay safe whilst doing so – particularly from those people who might seek them out to harm them.’

The following links will open fact sheets on different areas of E-Safety. These should prove to be useful guides to keeping your child safe online:

Social Networking Guide – Social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter are very popular with children, even those as young as 8 and 9. These types of sites allow children to be incredibly creative online, keep in touch with their friends and express themselves using a whole range of different media and applications such as video, photos, music, and chat.

Parents Guide to the Technology – Many children may have better technical skills than you; however they still need advice and protection when using internet and mobile technologies. This UK Safer Internet guide will help you to understand online safety issues and give you practical advice as you talk to your children so they can get the most out of the internet and use it positively and safely.

Supporting young people on line – This guide a checklist for parents and carers to go through with students.

Music Downloads – As a parent or carer, you’ve probably already heard your children talk about ‘file-sharing’, ‘downloading’ or ‘P2P’ (peer-to-peer). It’s a hot topic for young people. The simple reason: music.

Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) – Is a police agency tackling child abuse on the internet. This website includes a unique facility that enables parents and young people to make reports of actual or attempted abuse online. The site contains lots of useful information on how to report any inappropriate activity.

If you have any concerns about online safety this should be reported to your son/daughter’s key stage leader or if you have any further questions about E-Safety or how to ensure you child stays safe online then please contact Mr Fenwick (Deputy Head and E-Safety Officer) at the school. mxf@maltonschool.org