Policies & Reports

Policies & Reports

Admissions Policy

As a North Yorkshire County Council school our admissions are dealt with by the local authority. The NYCC admissions policy is available on the NYCC website. Please use this local authority website to apply to Malton School. This website is also used to apply for an ‘in-year school place’, as well as finding information regarding important dates, appeals processes and a FAQ section. The local authority admissions policy contains the oversubscription selection criteria that Malton School will use.

Complaints Policy

Our Complaints policy and procedure our outlined in here. A leaflet with advice and guidance has also been provided here.

SEN Policy

Our school special educational needs department has been inspected by the local authority and been awarded the LA’s highest quality mark which is awarded to very few schools. Malton School’s SEN policy is is available here

SEN Information Report

Our school SEN information report 2020 is available here

The LA ‘main local offer’ is available on the NYCC website

Behaviour Policy

Our school behaviour policy which is known as the school positive discipline system is available here

Uniform Policy

Our school uniform policy is available to view by clicking here

Anti-Bullying Policy

At Malton School we are committed to providing a caring, friendly and safe environment for all of our students so they can learn in a relaxed and secure atmosphere. Our anti-bullying policy is available to view here

Safeguarding Policy

At Malton School we are committed to the safeguarding of young people. Our school safeguarding policy is available to view here

Pupil Premium 

Our Pupil Premium Strategy Statement for the Academic Year 2019-20 (Including review for 2018-19) is available here.

Year 7 Catchup Provision

Year 7 catchup premium report is available here

Charging Policy

Our Charging Policy is available here

Authorised Absence for Holidays in Term Time

Following change to legislation from September 2013 Malton School is no longer permitted to grant authorised absents for family holidays in term time, except in exceptional circumstances. For more information check here.

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

We (Malton School) are a data controller for the purposes of GDPR.  We are legally required to provide certain minimum information to individuals (including staff, pupils and parents) about how their personal data is processed. This is provided through our Privacy Notice which is referenced from and complimented by our Information Policy.

Accessibility Plan

The accessibility policy is adopted from the NYCC equality scheme document Equality Scheme 2015. The accessibility plan for the school is derived from this document Equality Scheme Action Plan 2015

Curriculum Policy

Our Curriculum Policy is available here

Financial Information

We submit data to the Schools Financial Benchmarking Service, which you can access here, giving details of our income and expenditure.  Details of staff salaries are not included in this as a School only needs to report on salaries if it has staff earning £100,000 or more.  As a School none of our staff fall into this category.

Review of Policies & Covid 19

We have a rolling programme for Senior Management and Governors to regularly review all our policies and procedures. This process has been interrupted by Covid-19 and the requirement for new policies and procedures to be put in place, however, we are continuing to work through our schedule and existing policies will be updated in due course.