The study of History is popular. Those who enjoy finding out about the past discover themselves
fascinated by the inter-involvement of different threads and themes. If you want to know why
something is the way it is today then History is for you. You will study the history of a variety of
countries, and develop a variety of academic skills. These range from researching any topic,
developing your own ideas and arguments whilst maintaining your objectivity and understanding
the different sides of an argument..

What qualifications do I need?

What is necessary to study History at this level is simply an interest in the past and a reasonably
good command of English. The prospective Historian needs to have an enquiring mind which
demands evidence to prove theories. It is not essential to have studied the subject at GCSE.


The course will involve the study of British and World History. This will be divided into two
examined units and a coursework unit.
Unit 1 – Stuart Britain and the Crisis of Monarchy, 1603-1702
Unit 2 – The American Dream: Reality and Illusion, 1945-1980
Unit 3 – Historical investigation: France 1783-1905

General comments

Much of the study of History is based on research, both your own and other peoples. However,
the beauty of this research is that it can be done in many ways. History is literally all around us so
television programmes, the radio or visits to historical sites can help. Even the cinema can help to
fuel your interest and set your research on the right track. The one crucial skill is being able to talk
to your colleagues. Your ideas and research will inevitably lead you to disagree with those
around you but that is what makes the study of history so fun. Where there is one view point
there is always another. There is of course another reason to study history, it is fascinating.

‘Only a good for nothing is not interested in his past.’ Sigmund Freud


“Great subject, great teachers, great choice.”

“History is the one subject where you are allowed to have an argument (historical of course!) with your class mates and not get told off.”

“Without doubt the most interesting and fun subject I’ve studied.”

Future Prospects

History is quite simply unique among all subjects. It opens up career opportunities in any field.
This is because it teaches you such a huge variety of skills that you will not find anywhere else.
Ask any employer, be they from the medical profession or a captain of industry and they will tell
you that history is a great qualification to have. For example, did you know that Lord Sainsbury
the Chairman of Sainsbury’s supermarket, and Ali G both have history degrees? University courses
for recent students have included not just an increasing number choosing to study History, but
also Engineering, Medicine, Music, English and Law.