(AQA Level 3 Advanced GCE in Psychology)


The course will provide you with a sound understanding of how we as individuals interact and
behave in our own unique way, but also how similar we all are to each other. If you are interested
in the way in which people behave and want a greater understanding of the various methods and
approaches used in psychology then this could be the subject for you.

We follow the well-established and popular AQA Psychology course which can be studied to A
Level. The course content covers a variety of modules which will include: social influence, memory,
attachment, psychopathology, and approaches to psychology, biopsychology, research methods,
issues and debates in psychology, gender, schizophrenia and addiction.

A good GCSE grade in Science and in Mathematics is recommended. Modern Psychology is very
scientific and there is a significant amount of mathematical understanding required in the analysis
of experiments and statistics. There is also a strong influence of biological science in the course.
However, there is no requirement of prior knowledge of psychology when embarking on this
demanding A Level. You also need to be able to communicate well in writing in order to
demonstrate your understanding. Finally you must be able to commit large amounts of
information such as the names of brain chemicals and the authors of research papers to memory.
In short, successful psychology students need a broad range of skills and a strong desire to
develop these skills further.


There are three examinations at the end of the A Level course. These assess knowledge and the
ability to apply understanding of the course and the skill of interpretation and evaluation. These
are assessed through multiple choice, short answer and extended writing. There is no coursework
to complete in A Level Psychology though there is an expectation that students are trained to
carry out their own independent research exercises, collecting, analysing and reaching conclusions
based on their own observations.


The course is modern and challenging. As one of the most popular optional subjects nationally,
competition for grades and to get into the best higher education courses is often fierce. However,
by studying this course you will also have a better understanding of your relationships with
others, of difficult issues such as mental illness and of useful skills such as learning and memory.
All things that will serve you well in whatever you choose to do in later life.


Psychology can specifically help with careers in counselling and therapy, education, medicine and
social work, sport, business, policing and crime related fields. Psychology develops the valuable
and critical thinking skills that many employers are searching for. A significant proportion of our
students have developed a love of learning through this subject and gone on to study Psychology
and Psychology related courses at university.