Sociology is the study of our society, and the people, groups and institutions within it. In this dynamic and challenging course you will learn about the ideas, theories and methods of sociological study. The study of sociology will demand that you think critically about the world around you and is definitely not a course for the faint-hearted. The Sociology department follows the OCR specification. Its emphasis is on students being able to apply their sociological knowledge to the world about them.

When studying for the full A-Level students will take three examinations at the end of year 2, the
papers are as follows:

1. Introducing socialisation, culture and identity.

Themes developed through the context of Families and Relationships.

Assessment 1 hour 30 mins written paper 30% of total A Level.

2. Research methods and researching social inequalities

Assessment 2 hours 15 mins written paper 35% of total A Level.

3. Globalisation and the digital social world.

Debates explored through a detailed study of Education.

Assessment 2 hours 15 mins written paper 35% of total A Level.


You do not need to have studied this subject at GCSE to study at A Level but you will write many essays so it is advisable to have, at the very least, grade 5 in English. You must also be interested in the society in which you live, and finding out why it operates in the way it does. Sociology at AS/A2 is an academically rigorous course and you should be prepared for such demands.


You are advised to keep abreast of current affairs and issues in order to aid your sociological thinking and development. An interest in politics is also an advantage as the debates around social inequality do look at political stances and their ideas around this issue.


Sociology can help lead to careers in journalism, advertising, market research, law, social work, nursing and teaching, amongst many others. It should be noted that Sociology develops many of the valuable and critical thinking skills that employers are searching for.