Taster Days


Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 restrictions, we are unable to host our Taster Days in School this year.  However, we have put together a Virtual Taster Days Programme.

The programme consists of a series of live, 30 minute subject specific sessions with staff – one for every course offered at Sixth Form.  Using Teams, staff will give a short presentation on their subject followed by a live Q&A when you will have the opportunity to post questions using the chat facility.

The sessions will take place between Monday, 25 January and Friday, 12 February 2021.  You can see the full Virtual Taster Day programme below.  If you would like to attend any of the Virtual Taster Day events, please send an email to sixth@maltonschool.org letting us know:

  • Your full name
  • Your current school and year group
  • The subjects you are interested in studying


Subject DateDayTime
Politics25 January 2021Monday4pm
History26 January 2021Tuesday4pm
Religious Studies26 January 2021Tuesday4.30pm
PE27 January 2021Wednesday4pm
Geography27 January 2021Wednesday4.30pm
Biology28 January 2021Thursday4pm
Physics28 January 2021Thursday4.30pm
French01 February 2021Monday3.45pm
Music01 February 2021Monday4.15pm
Computer Science02 February 2021Tuesday4pm
Health & Social Care02 February 2021Tuesday4.30pm
Sociology02 February 2021Tue5pm
Further Mathematics04 February 2021Thursday4pm
Economics04 February 2021Thursday4.45pm
English Literature08 February 2021Monday3.30pm
Food Science08 February 2021Monday4pm
Core Mathematics08 February 2021Monday4.30pm
DT Product Design09 February 2021Tuesday3.30pm
Fine Art09 February 2021Tuesday4pm
Mathematics09 February 2021Tuesday4.30pm
Performing Arts10 February 2021Wednesday3.30pm
Photography10 February 2021Wednesday4pm
Chemistry10 February 2021Wednesday4.30pm
IT11 February 2021Thursday3.45pm
Business Studies11 February 2021Thursday4.15pm
Psychology11 February 2021Thursday4.45pm


Additional information on the courses we offer, interviews with current students and staff, plus a virtual tour of School can be found on our special virtual Open Evening web page: https://www.maltonschool.org/sixth-form-open-evening-2020/

As the Virtual Taster Days are taking place later than normal, we have extended the deadline for applying to Sixth Form to Friday, 12 February 2020.  If you already know which subjects you wish to apply for, you can apply online here.