Supporting Everyone in Difficult Times

Supporting Everyone in Difficult Times

The new year and the new term may not have started in the way we would all have hoped. But just as there are signs of hope in nature – the first snowdrops have already been spotted – so there are signs that as we journey through 2021 it will bring renewed hope with it.  Whilst we wait for better news, we are supporting members of our community – be they staff or students – in a variety of different ways, including blogging.

The School’s Mentor, Libby, has been working alongside pastoral staff in all Key Stages for many years now and is a familiar face around school.  As with the first national lockdown, Libby has been producing a weekly video blog for staff and students with tips, advice, help and support – as we live with and adapt to the restrictions placed on us to help keep us all safe.

In her first blog of this 3rd national lockdown, and 2nd period of remote learning, Libby focuses on both getting and staying motivated – be that for doing school work or even just for getting out of bed on a weekend.  And she’s looking for help from the school community.  So if you have a handy tip which helps you on days which may not be going quite as well, why not share it with Libby and so encourage and motivate us all.

Ideas on how to stay (or get) motivated can be emailed to Libby:  And in case you missed it, you can also watch her first video blog of 2021 here:

All “Libby’s Little Chats” as we call them, are being posted to our very own student blog, the Navy Blazer.  You can access the blog and pick up stories from the last period of remote learning here:

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