A Taste of Sixth Form life

A Taste of Sixth Form life

Two taster days took place this week giving students in Year 11 a chance to sample life in Malton School Sixth Form.

More than 130 students came along to the Sixth Form Experience days which were set up to help students make choices after they have completed their GCSEs this summer.

The students came from Malton School and nearby Ryedale School along with a few students from other local schools.

Students had selected a series of lessons beforehand and over the course of the two days they experienced what a typical Sixth Form lesson consisted of with four taster lessons per day being made available.

Mark Dent, Head of Sixth Form said: “The taster days have been a great success. As well as the taster lessons, current and past students including undergraduates and graduates gave a ‘student life’ talk and led several Q&A sessions.

“The taster days are part of a series of events to help prepare year 11s for life beyond GCSEs.  Students have also been given opportunities to attend open evenings, have one-one interviews with Key Stage 4 and 5 staff and also meet with the Head teacher, Mr Rob Williams.

“It is hoped these preparations will arm our young people with all the information they require, the ability to make the right decisions and be able to continue their educational journey into the future.”

Year 11 student Rosie Wilson said: “I found the taster days really helpful. I had been thinking about doing an apprenticeship but I think that now I am interested in doing computer science as I really enjoyed the session.”

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