Attendance and punctuality are vital in Sixth Form.  You should seek to maintain a 100% attendance record with the requirement to maintain a minimum attendance level of at least 95%.  In Sixth Form, attendance includes subject lessons, study periods, Form/Assembly time and PDA sessions. If you drop below this level it is likely to impact your assessments and also your Agreed Absence. The Heads of Year along with the Student Progress Leader monitor patterns of absence, and intervene as appropriate.

Ultimately, your future in the Sixth Form could be at risk where attendance drops so low as to make course completion unviable.

If you are unexpectedly absent from sixth form, for whatever reason, your parents/ carers should phone school before 9.00am on the absence line [01653 605303] which operates 24 hours a day.  Your Head of Year will be able to note your absence, and the reason why.