Dress Code

In recognition of the increased maturity of Sixth Form students, and as a staging post between compulsory education and moving out into adult life, we do not require a formal uniform but instead follow a dress code that expects each student at this level to maintain an appearance that is appropriate for a working environment.

This dress code does not discriminate and is designed to be sufficiently simple to enable all students to comply. Students are allowed to choose what they wear but are expected to be appropriately dressed and neat in appearance. There are a small number of specific exclusions for items that must not be worn including:

  • Ripped jeans, shorts or other items of ripped clothing.
  • Sportswear including jogging bottoms, track suits.
  • Excessively cropped tops.
  • Any headwear.
  • T-shirts or any items with offensive logos or that might cause offense to others.
  • Unacceptably short skirts and dresses or short, tight shorts (i.e. students should adhere to the standards of the main school uniform policy here where shorts and skirts must be worn no higher than just above the knee).

The Director of Sixth Form will advise in borderline cases. Appearance in these cases is about perception and the expectation is that students will respect decisions made by the Director of Sixth Form without dispute.