Future Students

An iPad School

As an iPad School, every student has access to an iPad to enhance learning – both in school and at home.  The use of such technology provide invaluable during the two Covid lockdowns – both for Year 12 students, as well as those preparing to make the transition to Sixth Form.  The iPad scheme has also proven a powerful mechanism for enhancing rates of progress, as well as providing every students with a research and presentational tool, ideal for developing independent study skills.

All students at Malton, from Years 7 to 13 have a fully equipped iPad, often with Apple Pencil and keyboard.  Students who move into Sixth Form from Malton School can either upgrade their iPad for Sixth Form or continue to use the one they had in main school.  Students who join us from other schools can either purchase an iPad from us or use an existing iPad.

If you choose to purchase a new iPad for Sixth Form, this can either be paid outright or paid for in instalments throughout the 18 months with us.  For further details on the iPad scheme and for costs, please click here.