BUSINESS studies


CTEC Level 3


The Business Environment unit will give an understanding of the wider external contexts in which businesses operate and of internal business functions and their interdependencies. The unit will allow you to appreciate how legal, financial, ethical and resource constraints can affect business behaviour and the influence that different stakeholders can have and how businesses must respond.

The Working in Business unit gives an understanding of the type of critical skills needed such as organisation, prioritisation and effective communication. The unit will allow you to learn how to use different business documents and about organisational protocols that most businesses would expect employees to follow.

The Customers and Communication unit allows you to appreciate how vital customers are to the success of a business. It will give an understanding of how important it is for businesses to know their customers and what influences customer behaviour. In this unit, you will understand how to communicate with customers.

The remaining coursework units cover a wide range of topics to give you the opportunity to take units relevant to a specific aspect of business.  You will develop transferable skills that are valued by Higher Education institutions and employers such as communication, planning, teamwork, research and analysis.


The course requires no specialist equipment although having access to a computer at home would be beneficial.


Successful students demonstrate an inquisitive mind, good analytical skills and a strong work ethic.


The two exam units are taken in Year 12 (Unit 1 in January and Unit 2 exam in May).  Coursework will be completed towards the end of Year 12 and throughout Year 13.  This gives you the advantage of being able to work on individual units throughout your time in Sixth Form rather than relying on final exams at the end of Year 13.   All exams can be re-sat if needed (with the highest grade being used to calculate the final result).


This course will provide you with the skills, knowledge and understanding to progress into Higher Education on a business-related programme such as Business, Business Management, Marketing, Business and Economics and Accounting. It will also allow you to choose non-business-related degree programmes or take them into employment.


“Doing the exams in Year 12 meant that I had less to worry about in my final year.  It was good to know that these were out of the way and I could just focus on completing my coursework”  Year 13 Student.

“I really enjoyed the course and getting a Distinction helped me get a place on a Business Management degree course at Northumbria University”  2019 Leaver.