Digital Media – new for 2022


This is a Cambridge Technical Extended Certificate Level 3


You will undertake three mandatory units, two of these are exam based (Media Products and Audiences and Pre-Production and Planning) and one unit (Creating a Digital Product) is coursework based.

The aim of the Media Products and Audiences unit is for you to develop your understanding of how different media institutions operate in order to create products that will appeal to specific target audiences.  You will learn about the different ownership models in the media industries, and how to analyse different media products within the sector to understand the fundamentals of how meaning is created for audiences. You will also learn about how audiences are categorised, researched and targeted by media producers and how media institutions distribute and advertise their products to audiences.

By undertaking the Pre-Production and Planning unit you will understand the pre-production process that the creative media industry follows when creating a product. You will learn how to carry out research in the planning stage of a media production and about the various acts of legislation that need to be considered. You will learn about the constraints that need to be considered when planning a new media production, including timescales and resources. You will also understand how to create pre-production documents in relation to client requirements and how to plan projects to meet these needs.

The Creating a Digital Product coursework unit will allow you to put what you have learned in the two examined units into practice by developing a digital product for an identified client.  This product can be audio, visual or print based depending on your own interests.

You will also undertake between two and four optional coursework units which provide the opportunity to broaden your knowledge, understanding and skills in key areas such as, social media and globalisation, journalism and the news industry or advertising media.


There are no formal entry requirements for this qualification.


The course requires no specialist equipment although having access to a computer at home would be beneficial.


The course requires a high amount of independent learning so strong levels of motivation and a good work ethic are useful attributes.


The assessment structure for this course is as follows:

  • Unit 1 (Media Products and Audiences) exam – January of Year 12
  • Unit 2 (Pre-Production and Planning) exam – May of Year 12

Coursework will be completed in Year 13.  This gives you the advantage of being able to work on individual units throughout your time with us rather than relying on final exams at the end of Year 13.   All exams can be re-sat if needed (with the highest grade being used to calculate your final result).


This course will provide you with skills, knowledge and understanding to progress into Higher Education on a Media or IT related degree course such as Digital Media, Interactive Media, Media Studies or Information Technology. It will also allow you to choose non-IT related degree programmes or take them into employment.


This course is new for September 2022.