A level


The course will give students an opportunity to look at how markets work as well as looking at the relationships between macro and microeconomics and how they influence local, national and global economies. You will gain greater knowledge of the economic problems that are faced by individuals, companies and the government and look at the way these problems can be tackled.  You will also gain exposure to ‘practical’ experiences throughout the course, implementing theory in the real world, with an emphasis on personal and business finance.  Economics benefits from sitting with the field of social science, leading to opinions and debates, as well as implementing scientific and measureable methods.


Students will spend time working with numbers and should be confident with their Maths. It is recommended that students have at least a Grade 5 in Maths to manage on the course.  Students should also have a level of proficiency in their essay writing skills.


Students will need a scientific calculator for the course.


You should possess good analytical skills and be comfortable working with numbers. You will also need to be confident writing long essay style answers when dealing with case studies and to communicate your opinions and decisions both verbally and on the page. Finally, you will need to be able to think logically and critically throughout the course and be able to make informed decisions based on surrounding evidence.


The course is assessed by 3 exams at the end of Year 13, each equally weighted. Paper 1 covers Markets, Paper 2 covers National and International Economy and Paper 3 covers Economic Principles and Values. Paper 3 is also made up of multiple choice questions and a single case study. All 3 of the exams are 2 hours long.


Students may pick Economics if they wish to directly study accountancy, banking or finance. The course will stand you in good stead by giving you an insight and understanding of the economics forces that impact your day-to-day activities. Economics is a highly desirable A level and in an ever changing and developing world both universities and employers will be looking for young people who know how the finances of the world run.  Economics combines well with Mathematics, but also the Humanities such as History and Politics, setting students up as well rounded and adaptable individuals.


“The Economics course provided at Malton School is amazing.  I enjoy how vast the economic content is, which is paired with some real-world knowledge.  My teacher combines the theory with practical teachiung, which makes the course an ‘opportunity cost’ that you don’t want to miss out on!” Year 12 student

“I feel the course has given me a real insight into how the world around me works, whilst also challenging my own opininons and helpnig me investigate the reasons for why things happen.  The course also looks great on my UCAS application and has helped me prepare for taking the next step at university.” Year 13 student