A level


Are you creative and imaginative? Do you enjoy exploring ideas and looking at things in different ways? If so, you should consider a course in Fine Art. You will enjoy developing your understanding of the visual world, learning practical skills and responding to ideas and issues in ways that are personal to you. Fine Art offers opportunities to use your creativity to express yourself. You will develop your understanding of creative processes, your ability to observe and to think, to solve problems and to communicate in a visual way. It will enable you to work independently and to make your own discoveries by exploring ideas, other artists’ work and different materials and techniques. Your responses must be shown through practical and critical activities demonstrating your understanding of different genres. You should be aware of the four assessment objectives: research, materials and techniques, developing ideas and realising intentions; demonstrating an understanding of the importance of process as well as product.


You will need three A3 sketchbooks for the duration of the course. A selection of basic art materials would be ideal. These will be available for purchase through school. You may wish to buy canvases for more resolved work. Financial assistance may be available through the bursary scheme.


You must be passionate about the subject. An appropriate GCSE in a creative subject or a keen interest in Fine Art are essential. Good time management and the ability to work independently is also desirable.


This is a practical course in which you learn by doing, so you will be able to create imaginative personal work. There are 3 coursework units:

  • Portfolio Unit
  • Personal Investigation

For each you are required to produce a sketchbook of work. The personal investigation is an investigation into an idea, issue, concept or theme that you have chosen and must be supported by 1000-3000 words of written content – 60% of your overall grade.

  • Externally Set Assignment

You must complete a sketchbook based on a given theme within the preparatory period and complete 15 hours of supervised time – 40% of your overall grade.


After completing the A level course many students choose to further their studies by taking a one-year Foundation Course at Art College or study further at University. Studying a Fine Art related degree at university can give you all sorts of exciting career opportunities, including:

Architect, Fine Art, Interior design, Art therapist, Fashion, Photography, Film, Illustrator, Lecturer, Multimedia Artist, Mural Artist, Graphic Artist, Printmaker, Sculptor, 3d Design, Animation, Game Design.


‘It’s good to have a space where we can work that is our own’ ‘I like being able to choose what I want my work to look like’ ‘I feel that I have developed my skills since the start of the year’ ‘Using oil paints is challenging but makes me feel like Van Gogh or someone!’