A level


A level Further Mathematics is a separate A level that can be taken in addition to A level Mathematics.  Two thirds of the content will be Further Pure and the remainder will be from options such as Mechanics, Statistics or Decision Mathematics.  Further Mathematics takes the pure maths to a greater depth, introduces discrete maths and continues the study of statistics and mechanics.  Further Mathematics is very much aimed at those students who are thinking of studying maths, or a subject which is maths ‘heavy’ at university.  Further Mathematics cannot be taken by a student who is not also studying A level Mathematics.  In Further Mathematics there is the option to sit the third examination on a combination of either Mechanics and Statistics, Mechanics and Discrete or Statistics and Discrete.

With Further Maths there is also the option for you to complete the AS part of the course and sit the AS exams at the end of Year 12 if you feel studying Further Maths as a 4th option is proving too much.


Further Mathematics is usually taken by students who have a grade 9 or grade 8, but cases where a student has a good grade 7 at GCSE will be considered.


You will need a Casio Classwiz FX-991 or better for the course. You may wish to purchase a Graphing Calculator such as the Casio CG-50 Graphing Calculator but they are expensive. You will also need Desmos downloaded on your iPad. Financial assistance may be available through the bursary scheme.


You will need to have strong independent studying skills and must be willing to seek help outside of lessons on a regular basis. You must have a complete understanding of the GCSE Maths content and must be comfortable dealing with complex algebraic manipulation.


Further Maths is assessed by 3 exams at the end of Year 13. Paper 1 and Paper 2 are 100 marks each of Pure Mathematics and then Paper 3 is the applied Paper and that is 50 marks from 2 of the 3 Applied units: Discrete, Statistics and Mechanics


Similar to the guide for A level Maths, having an A level in Further Maths will not close any doors. It is highly desirable for students who may wish to apply for Science based courses at some of the UK’s top universities, however, it is also a popular choice for students applying for courses in Economics, Computer Science, Engineering and Finance.


‘Further Maths has proved to be a very difficult but a highly rewarding course; it has been challenging at times and some of the Further Pure content takes time to understand but with support both in and out of lessons I have been able to get there with it. As well as being a really desirable qualification for my UCAS application it has also helped my normal A level Maths understanding and at times has made the Pure content in the normal Maths A level seem easy!’  Year 13.